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Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Caring your Jewelry

When you buy your precious jewelry it's always a better option to take care of it properly.
We can help you to take care of it properly so that it will last a lifetime and more.
The following points will help to keep you and your jewelry looking good for a lifetime and more:

Among most of the damaged jewelry, we see most often is a gold band out of rounds and loose settings.
It's obvious that 99% of the time, the person wearing the ring has no idea how the ring was damaged.
When damage happens, we try to remember the moment when we have hit the jewelry, but the reality is our jewelry is taking quite a beating during normal everyday wear.
Gold and platinum are precious metals but they are softer than other metals that we use on daily basis.

Daily Care
1. We must remember the most important thing that when getting dressed you must wear jewelry at the last and take it off the first.
2. Keep your jewelry dry.
3. Safely place your jewelry in a tray, case, or jewelry pouch before a workout, household chores, and working with metals.
4. Metals and gemstones can be sensitive to chemicals, perspiration, chlorine, hair products, perfumes, and lotions so we must be careful about it.
5. If your lifestyle includes impact sports and activities that include hard labor - never wear your jewelry when doing rough work.
6. Let your jewelry stay home when you head for physical works involving metals.
7. Gold is softer than iron and steel so take off your rings when handling iron gym equipment like weights, for example.
8. All fine jewelry is DELICATE so it's important to treat it gently.

1. How about having a specific home for your Jewelry: Give your jewelry a place that it rests when it's not being worn.
2. Store each piece of gemstone/diamond jewelry separately so that stone doesn't fight, usually harder stones scratch softer stone when placed together.
3. Separating jewelry will help keep it safe from getting tangled or damaged and you'll always know where to find it.
4. Store it away from humidity, moisture, or extreme temperatures… remember while you use your oven!
5. Gems can scratch the finish on your gold if you throw your jewelry in a heap in a drawer or jewelry box.
6. For your jewelry it is a good idea to wrap them in a piece of cloth or tissue before putting them in the jewelry box.

Cleaning at home
1. Professional Cleaning
For human beings, it's good to go for a regular checkup. The same goes for jewels, take them to professional cleaners occasionally so that they remain lively.
You can contact us for professional cleaning.
2. Diamond
To clean diamonds and transparent crystalline gemstones, soak them in water with a smidge of non-detergent, mild soap. Finally, rinse and pat dry with a clean soft cloth.
3. Opals, Moonstone, Labradorite:
For opals moonstone and labradorite, avoid strong heat and strong light which can dry these gems out over time.
Cleaning delicate gems like these with some diluted dish soap is fine but do not let them soak.
4. Warnings
It's a high risk you may hurt your jewelry if you try to clean using a brush, chemical, and hot liquids at home.
In most of the case, you may break the chain, scratch the metal, and even worse, you may lose diamonds while cleaning.
5. Silvers
Among different jewelry, silver is easiest and less risky to clean at home.
a. You can use foil paper to clean it.
b. You can use the toothpaste to clean it.
We are going to release another article on cleaning silvers soon.

Regularly inspect your jewelry to make sure the settings and any pavé diamonds are secure. All settings can and do weaken over time. Promptly contact us if you notice any signs of damage or loosening of the prongs and wear of mountings.

We suggest you have insurance for your jewelry so that you will be confident while wearing it." Peace if mind for every Piece" is the motive for having insurance. Learn more about insurance...

It's a good idea to have your jewelry examined a year or every other year by a professional. Our professional team can do it for you. Contact us if you are interested in this service.


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