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First Day of Diwali

!! Happy Diwali !! Happy Tihar!!


Kaag Puja – The first day of Dipawali/ Tihar

First day of Dipawali/Tihar festival begins with the worship of the bird, Crow (known as the messenger of Death or the Informant of Yama-God of Death). People offer food, sweets and worship the bird with a hope that it will only bring good news year around. The Crow is perceived as a bad omen, especially its craw, upon hearing one, people pray that it is good news only. Similarly, it is a common belief that if the crow craws early in the morning, there will be a visitor/guest coming that day. As peculiar as it sounds but these rituals strengthen the human relationship with animals and nature.

Dhanteras – Worship lord Dhanwantari on first day of Dipawali!

This day is also celebrated as ‘Dhanteras’, people worship lord Dhanvantari. Hindus consider this day an extremely auspicious day for making new purchases, especially gold, silver, or new utensils. 

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