About Us

Welcome to Queens Diamond Jewelry, a radiant gem in the heart of New York that has been embracing the vibrant Nepalese community since its inception in 2004.

Born out of a passion for exceptional jewelry and a deep commitment to community engagement, Queens Diamond Jewelry has evolved into a beacon of warmth and elegance nestled within the tapestry of Queens.

Our Journey​

Queens Diamond and Jewelry:
A Decade-Long Journey of Growth and Global Expansion ​

Our journey began as a family venture, guided by the visionary leadership of Mr. Samir Maharjan, our esteemed CEO, and his wife, Mrs. Surya Maharjan. Their unwavering dedication and humble demeanor have not only endeared them to the hearts of many but have also solidified their status as respected figures both in Nepal and the thriving neighborhood of Jackson Heights, New York.

Over time, our humble abode has blossomed into a constellation of stores, stretching its luminous reach across multiple locations. Presently, our radiant presence graces the landscapes of New York, Maryland, and California in the United States, while back in Nepal, our cherished patrons can find us at two distinct havens in Kathmandu. Across this expanse, the Queens Diamond family comprises a symphony of 145 individuals, with 120 residing in Nepal and 25 weaving dreams in the United States.

Our radiant journey has also graced the grandeur of fashion runways, making an indelible mark on the National and International stage. Queens Diamond Jewelry’s exquisite creations have bedecked esteemed events such as TPJFS, Miss Nepal 2014 Face of Classic Diamonds, and the regal Miss Nepal North America 2023 (Queen of Queens Diamond 2023) pageant.
As we reflect on the transformative years that have shaped our narrative, we now extend our embrace to those who cannot walk through our physical doors. Queens Diamond Jewelry transcends geographical boundaries, eager to serve and delight patrons around the world through our digital realm. Our online presence aims to replicate the personalized experience you cherish, ensuring that the radiance of our service knows no bounds.
Step into the world of Queens Diamond Jewelry, where every piece tells a story, and every creation is a testament to the enduring bonds we forge. Join us on this radiant journey, where elegance, tradition, and innovation unite to paint a canvas of timeless beauty.